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We offer a wide range of planning, design, and construction services for all types of commercial and industrial project types. From feasibility studies and real estate acquisition analysis to industrial and retail development we aid our clients in laying the groundwork for a successful project. From there our design team can put together thoughtful cost conscious plans or work with your architects and engineers as a part of the pre-construction team. Our construction delivery methods are tailored to each client and project and range from full service turnkey design-build to construction management, to traditional general contracting.


At Winter Construction we truly believe that when the Owner, Architect, and Contractor work together through the initial planning or phased delivery of a project, the best possible outcomes for cost, schedule, and quality are possible. Regardless of the delivery type, we consider our self a partner in the project, not just the contractor doing what is on paper. We are always looking for options or alternatives that will enhance the quality of the project and improve the budget or schedule. Our team has a unique understanding from many stakeholder viewpoints as we ourselves have developed, owned, and designed projects.

Existing Conditions

  • Site Analysis
  • Utility Availability
  • Geotechnical Testing Coordination
  • Structural Analysis
  • Field Measuring/Surveying


  • Current Operations Observation
  • Detailed Space Needs Assessment
  • Future Growth/Change Forecasting
  • Existing Furniture & Equipment Inventory
  • Program Space List and Usage Narrative Report

Constructibility Review

  • Analyze Systems for Cost, Schedule, and Life Cycle Analysis
    • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
    • Build Structure
    • Interior Finishes
    • Exterior Shell Materials

Cost Estimating

  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Real Time Estimating with Design Changes
  • Detailed Bidding  & Cost Analysis
  • Contingency Planning
  • Project Cash Flow Analysis

Bidding & Negotiation

  • Preparation of Bid Packages
  • Competitive Bidding
  • Subcontractor Prequalification
  • Contract Management
Percentage of our yearly revenue was delivered via, design-build, CM, or other types of projects including preconstruction services.


Design-Build is the most efficient, cost effective, and collaborative way to execute your project from concept to completion. Our in-house architectural team, along with our experienced estimators and construction managers, will carefully guide you through the planning process. During which we will help you explore numerous design variations while continuously analyzing cost and scheduling implications. Once under construction, our design and construction teams work together seamlessly to deliver your project. The Design-Build process allows our team to swiftly process shop drawings, submittals, answer questions, anticipate conflicts, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. All at a fraction of the time and conflict of the traditional Design-Bid-Build method.

Design-build is the fastest growing delivery method in the nation.


Nearly half of America’s construction dollars will be spent on design-build projects.

From design through completion, DB projects are delivered 102% faster than traditional design-bid-build.


Generations Brewing Company
Commercial Workplace Halo
Halo Branded Solutions
P&P Industries
P&P Industries


Our construction management team will guide your project from concept to completion, while keeping on budget, and achieving your goals and objectives. During construction, we combine our extensive commercial design and construction experience with our rigorous technical processes to deliver your project. We utilize the latest cloud-based on-line project management platform Procore, to engage you in constant and efficient communication.


  • Utilize Microsoft Project for initial task sequencing & resource
    tracking to create a master schedule.
  • Continually updated through out the project.
  • Our project manager and site superintendent will
    provide 2 week schedule outlooks at each weekly
    construction progress meeting.


  • On the job communication – Each project manager
    and job site superintendent is equipped with both a tablet and smart phone enabling our team to stay in constant and instantaneous communication.

Project Management

  • Drawings, specifications, and construction documentation such as RFI’s, submittals, and progress reports will be tracked and shared utilizing PROCORE online construction management software.

Site Safety

  • Our full-time site superintendent will be responsible
    for maintaining:
    • A secured and safe perimeter,
    • Effective safety signage,
    • Orientation and safety instruction to all
    subcontractors and visitors coming on site,
    • Weekly subcontractor safety meetings,
    • Strategically located waste and recycling
    • Clear staging of materials and equipment,
    • Consistent construction cleaning


Rehabbing existing buildings can be the most challenging projects we take on. Our integrated Design-build delivery method is particularly well suited for adaptive reuse projects as we can more cost effectively navigate the discovery of unforeseen issues and apply creative design solutions.


Freeport Central Fire Station
Freeport Central Fire Station
Freeport City Hall
Freeport City Hall
Rawleigh Office Building
Rawleigh Office Building


As your single source for design-build contracting, Winter Construction gives you the option of “Star” pre-engineered roof, wall and structural systems along with virtually unlimited design capabilities, energy efficiency and structural integrity. As an independent design-build authorized by Star Building Systems to sell and erect Star Buildings. Star products cover a wide variety of steel structural framing systems, and metal roof and wall systems. All building elements are designed to perform in an integrated fashion, including the introduction of elements such as pre-cast, tilt-up concrete and masonry while still delivering the savings of earlier occupancy and lower construction cost.


Pre-engineered Metal Building
Halo Branded Solutions
P&P Industries
P&P Industries
Generations Brewing Company
Generations Brewing Company


Our Urban Planning & Design Team offers services including the design and master planning of transformative urban spaces, zoning and building code analysis,  and regional, community, and neighborhood planning.


Arts Plaza
Freeport Arts Plaza
Urban Streetscape design
Chicago Ave Streetscape Design